A revolution in insulation board handling

Innovative AGV automation by Mabo E&A

In a pioneering endeavour, Mabo E&A has successfully implemented an advanced automation project for a valued customer, redefining the landscape of insulation board handling. This project seamlessly integrated advanced automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology with complex warehouse optimisation, demonstrating Mabo E&A’s prowess in delivering customised automation solutions.

Challenges in transporting long loads

A leading player in the insulation industry faced the challenge of efficiently transporting stacks of insulation boards, some with an impressive length of 12 metres, from the production facility to a warehouse. To optimise the available space, Mabo E&A focused on creating a compact machine that could drive in narrow 2.5-metre aisles. Conventional AGV steering systems proved impractical in this scenario, requiring an innovative solution. Mabo E&A implemented a 3DOF (3 Degrees of Freedom) steering system for the AGVs. This technology enabled precise navigation through the narrow warehouse aisles and ensured safe and efficient transport of the long insulation sheets. The 3DOF steering system provided the manoeuvrability needed to manoeuvre through tight spaces while maintaining load stability.

Mabo sideloader agv optimisation insulation industry

Warehouse optimisation through WCS

A key highlight of this project is the integration of the Mabo Warehouse Control System (MWCS), an advanced element that optimises warehouse layout. MWCS dynamically controls storage locations and analyses the different lengths of insulation sheet stacks to maximise utilisation and streamline warehouse operations. This adaptive approach ensures optimal use of space, a critical factor in modern warehouse management.

Outdoor AGV operations

Another layer of complexity is that the AGVs seamlessly transition from the warehouse to an outdoor area. This departure from conventional indoor AGVs demonstrates Mabo E&A’s ability to tailor solutions to unique environmental challenges. The AGVs efficiently navigate the outside area and deliver insulation boards to the designated exit with precision.


Mabo E&A’s automation project for this side in the insulation industry is an example of a harmonious combination of cutting-edge technology, innovative control solutions and strategic warehouse optimisation. This transformative venture not only addresses the specific challenges of insulation board processing, but also sets a precedent for the adaptability and ingenuity that Mabo E&A brings to every automation project. As industries evolve, Mabo E&A is at the forefront, pioneering solutions that redefine the possibilities of automation in material handling.