Mabo AGV’s are part of the Factories of the Future

winners of factory of the future

Altachem, VCST Industrial Products, Sanofi, Total Energies, Vandemoortele, Pomuni Frozen, Barry Callebout, Audi Brussels & Daikin have won the title of ‘Factory of the Future’. This award crowns those who invest in advanced and future-minded production facilities.

Factories of the Future are companies that are fully committed to digitalisation, talent development, smart processes, sustainable products and world-class production. They handle energy and materials thoughtfully and encourage employee involvement, creativity and autonomy. Winners are awarded the title for a period of three years. After that, a new audit should reveal whether the title can be renewed.

Three of the nine winners have Mabo vehicles operating in their facilities. By design, our vehicles enhance smart processes, digitalisation and contribute to world-class production. We care about our clients’ growth challenges. Industry 4.0 is part of the roadmap for any successful make-industry company. By building partnerships based on trust and commitment, we deliver projects with a first-time right mindset.

Altachem wins factory of the future

Altachem proudly receiving their award. Altachem has a Mabo ST.

Congratulations to all winners, may you carry the Factory of the Future Award proudly and be an example to all who wish to follow in your footsteps. If you are interested in how Mabo E&A can help you to become the factory of the future, reach out to and let’s talk about it!