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At Rf-Technologies, they design innovative solutions to provide their customers with effective products for passive fire protection. As a leading manufacturer of fire-resistant solutions, Rf-Technologies is active in a sector where every compromise can have serious consequences.

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Challenges for pallet transport



When in 2016 RF-Technologies saw a steady rise in sales, they decided to do a SWOT analysis of their processes and saw they were running behind on automation in their production facilities. So they approached Mabo E&A to discuss their options concerning their internal logistics.

Mabo E&A was able to give advice on which AGV will be appropriate for their needed operations and what other possibilities were available with this application.

AGV Stacker

AGV ST as a solution

The AGV ST was implemented to ensure internal logistics. During the day the Mabo AGV ST moves pallets from the packing area to a warehouse. The pallets will be placed on floor or racking levels. Also, the worker on the first floor can call up the AGV to pick up a finished pallet and bring it to the warehouse.

After the shift, the AGV reverses its movements. It starts to replenish all work posts throughout the production floor. This way, when the workers arrive in the morning all their work posts will be ready to go.

The Mabo AGV ST creates an opportunity for RF-Technologies to use narrow aisles in their warehouse due to the compact nature of the machine. The Mabo AGV is equipped with technology to analyse the position of the pallet. This makes sure that pallets that have been placed by operators can be picked without a problem. It is amazing to see how the staff of RFT work around and with the AGV. This allows them to get the most out of their investment and add value where truly necessary. Want to see it in action? Take a look at this video!

AGV stacker