Why choose for Mabo E&A?

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Why choose for Mabo E&A?

We stand for our in-house process, partnerships, service & passion for automation.

In-house process

All our projects are handled entirely in-house. From our sales engineers who work with you to find the right solution for your logistic challenge to the mechanical engineers who design the vehicles to work optimally. To our production hall where our technicians and programmers build and program the vehicles themselves from A to FAT. After that, dedicated project engineers install the AGV systems so that you always have a fixed point of contact and the project can be brought to a successful conclusion.

Mabo E&A is proud to have all this knowledge in-house. This leaves us free to be flexible towards applications and quickly implement innovative solutions.

Why choose for Mabo E&A?
Why choose for Mabo E&A?


Partnership in our projects is central. We always search for appropriate solutions together with the customer. With our expertise and a view of flexibility toward the future, we are able to give advice and set a common goal for the project. No force is more grounding and stabilising than a partnership between Mabo & client.

In this way, we can also anticipate future service and other AGV needs.


Good service is one of our core values. At Mabo E&A, we believe that when a company decides to automate, it must also be able to rely one hundred percent on that system. It is therefore of crucial importance to ensure that our AGVs always run at tip-top speed without breakdowns. We do this by offering punctual preventive maintenance.

AGV systems last a long time, partly due to proper maintenance of the vehicles. This allows you to get the most out of your investment.

Why choose for Mabo E&A?
Why choose for Mabo E&A?

Passion for automation

Mabo E&A is part of the Mabo Group. The Mabo Group grew out of Mabo Lifting, which has existed for 36 years. Mabo Lifting is known in the BeNeLux for its space-saving and efficiency-improving solutions. Mabo E&A was born out of this philosophy. To give their customers that extra step in intralogistics solutions.

Mabo E&A is a beacon of continuity within the Mabo Group. All employees start from the same objective: to find together with the customer a sustainable solution for their intralogistics challenges.